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Who we are...

Blue Maxx Builders are Manitoba's foundation and ICF home specialists. We offer services taylored to residential and commercial projects alike. Whether you are simply repairing your existing foundation to building a custom or a commercial structure.

Design and Build the way YOU want it

We understand the business of foundations and ICF installation better than any Manitoba company. We can help you achieve your goals and help design and build your vision. We offer complete foundations, piles, footing, waterproofing, commercial projects, residential foundations built right up to "lock-up", complete ICF homes and much more...

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ICF Systems

 Simply ICF stands for "Insulated Concrete Form". Rather than a traditional foundation where the basement is insulated from the inside and exposing the outside wall to the elements and temperature, an ICF block provides the ultimate insulation and foundation strength by pouring concrete into "form" blocks stacked together and re-inforced.

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